Plasma cutting of metal and machining parts of any complexity and size carried out by highly qualified, experienced professionals that guarantee the production of quality products in the shortest possible time according to the drawings in any format with the optimization of metal cutting and minimal waste.

Produced in our equipment parts can be used in various industries: construction (inserts, etc.), production of machinery and equipment (parts, preparations, etc.), for the needs of the defense industry, shipbuilding, advertising designs, decorative items and many others ...

5 benefits to
work to us

  • Plasma or flame cutting on the modern machine using advanced software.
  • Performing cutting complex contours and fittings.
  • Cutting of non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, bronze, etc.).
  • Employment as a material for the customer, and on their own feed.
  • Minimal deformation of the metal due to temperature effects.
  • Precision cutting of 0.2 to 1 mm. (depending on the metal thickness and cut method)

High speed, allow a minimum production time (from 1 day), if necessary, may reduce the time.

  • We accept drawings or sketches made on paper and in electronic form of any program;
  • Make a drawing of the sample parts.
  • Free drawing details with any carrier.