Repair / Service

5 benefits to work to us

The mortgage of high functionality of technics is in competent and duly maintenance service. It’s necessary to carry out regular procedures seasonally and by quantity of the motor-hours fulfilled by a vessel. LLC " Aurora " provides a full spectrum of services on preservation and storage, as well as on preparation of courts for a navigating season. The service performed by our specialists keeps high working capacity of all systems and fine physical appearance of a vessel. We serve all types of courts: sailing and motor, wooden, plastic and metal.Also we perform maintenance service of other technics, hydrocycles. Our company possesses all necessary infrastructure and the equipment (слип, loading technics, the carriage-trailer, etc.) for service and repair of the most different types of courts. Works can be performed both in territory of the company and with departure of specialists to a parking lot of your vessel. In the work our experts use the advanced technologies and modern materials, providing the highest level of all performed works.

Our specialists carry out all kinds of repair works of any complexity:

• repair electronics and electrical equipment;

• repair of yacht mechanisms and systems,

• repair of metal, fiberglass, wooden hulls,

• painting, polishing, coating with anti fouling paint,

• deck coverings,

• full range of services on repair of the Salon (including design projects, changed layout).